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Pilates in Lewes offers Pilates matwork and studio equipment classes, as well as private Pilates training sessions designed to improve your core stability, posture, strength, coordination, flexibility and wellbeing.

What Clients Are Saying

These are real testimonials, from real people with whom I have worked with or helped teach.

  • I started Pilates classes on a recommendation from a physiotherapist, and therefore was expecting rather boring and mechanical repetitions that were meant to be ‘good for you’. What was surprising, however, was that the movements, by being combined in small chunks, could provide such variety.

    Lydia was the first Pilates instructor I had, and she showed me the enjoyment of the exercise. Lydia is so gifted in putting her students through hard exercise without them quite noticing.

    For a middle-aged woman with the usual pains and stiffness, I found Pilates was the best way to get my body moving, and I have certainly benefited from it. Within a few weeks, I noticed that I was becoming stronger and less rigid.

    Pilates is great for improving the body’s strength, flexibility and suppleness. Lydia makes it a joy to undertake. Thank you, Lydia. I shall miss you, but at least you have got me hooked on Pilates.

    Yuko Uchida, London

  • Lydia is an excellent personal trainer and Pilates instructor. She helped keep me motivated and gives excellent practical instructions which make exercising easy. I’d recommend her.

    Rebecca Keene, 30, London

  • I was referred to Lydia after she helped my Dad with his posture and back problems. I was suffering with hyper-mobility of my right arm and it was causing me pain and discomfort and becoming increasingly ‘clicky’.

    Lydia started with a detailed assessment of my work and personal lifestyle and then began to tailor a programme to address both my arm and my overall core stability and posture. Lydia’s sessions were informative and she was always able to explain the theory behind the exercises she taught me. Her approach was professional but personal. She helped encourage and motivate me and brought warmth and good humor to the sessions. She has made a significant improvement to my physical health and I thoroughly enjoyed the work she did with me.

    I could not recommend her more highly as a Pilates practitioner.

    Paddy, 31, London

  • Lydia Gosling has advised me in a professional capacity on a number of occasions. She has helped me in the past, by advising on postural and back-pain problems that I was experiencing at the time. She gave me a programme of exercise, which helped to ultimately resolve the problem. She is currently advising me on a programme of Pilates, which I am undertaking in order to improve my core strength, with a view to warding-off possible future repeat back pain or upper-limb problems.

    I have found her to be a sympathetic and knowledgeable tutor, with a good understanding of the biomechanics of the human body.

    She has an easy way of communicating how an exercise regime would help, and seems able to pass on a natural enthusiasm for the matter in hand in a way which is helpful to the recipient.

    Brian Salter, Rochester, Kent